Vendor Contract

Fairy and Faun Faire /White and Wicked Masked Ball

Location: 3382 S GLENCOE ST
Dates: 3;00 to 6;30 Ball 7-12
Noon to 6:30 Ball 7 12
Show Promoter:
Patty Pietu
3382 S. Glencoe
Denver, CO 80222

For Show information and a copy of this contract
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To reserve your space, this contract and your check must be returned by
Please Reserve______table/booth(s) 8foot table or 10X10 ft booth.
Requests for more than 2 booths are subject to approval. You will be notified if it is possible to meet your request.
Please Check all the following that you carry:
____Handcrafted items I make       ____Handcrafted items made by other artisans       ____Commercially made items
___Jewelry      ___Clothing      ___Home Decor
Please give a brief description of the category and types of items that you carry: Use the back of this page if more space is needed.

Business Name:
Your Name:
Telephone:Check Enclosed: $
Certificate of Registration/Tax Number/SS Number
I have read, understand, and agree to all the terms of the contract as written herein
Please read carefully the terms of the contract
Signature above binds dealer to all terms of the contract and dealer agreement.
Return the contract with a check made out to:
Patricia Pietu
3382 S. Glencoe
Denver, CO 80222

Vendor Agreement
1. The fee for one space is $75.00. 6 ft space  $150.  8x8 space.  Plus Item for Silent Auction
2. Dealer will pay the taxes
3. Cancellations must be made at least 30 days prior to the Show to receive a full refund.
4. Space is reserved upon receipt of signed contract and check.
5.Fairy and Faun Faire and  Guildwerks cannot accept any liability for stolen merchandise or personal injury to dealers or helpers. By signing this contract you agree to hold the Fairy and Faun Faire, & Guildwerks , and their employees harmless in the event of any thefts,or injuries. up time is Friday 12.o clock  Vendors must be set up and ready for sales by :3:00 open till 10 o clock.Tear down is at 10 Pm  And as this is a Green Fair .Please be responsible  to clean your Space.
7. The Dealers responsibilty  to obtain Tax licenses for City and State of Colorado and collect and pay said taxes.

7.At this point the contract may change.
8  More than one vendor can share a space

9.All Vendors must stay the entire open time at the fair 12  to 10   Friday   and 12 to 10 Sat. Unless other arrangements have been made.

10.Dealer assumes responsibility for State and City Taxes

Signature binds dealer to all terms of the contract and dealer agreement.

Signature on page 1 binds dealer to all terms of the contract and dealer agreement.